Who are we?

We are not a big corporation. Gearshot is run by a husband and wife team (Lyall & Mae) who built the business in it’s entirety from late 2020 to early 2021 and run it themselves. Unlike some competitors who are able to pay for a web development company to build their site, pay for a nice studio for live broadcasts and pay to rent/buy a load of guitars to decorate with, they don’t have that luxury. In fact the UK company that was set up to pay the taxes is called ‘Walang Pera Ltd’ which literally translates to English as ‘no money’.

On a day to day basis Lyall runs the website. As a former web developer and IT Manager, he designed and built it (and regularly updates it with new features and improvements) and ensures it remains secure and compliant to all appropriate regulations. He also designed the logos and social media icons. Mae runs the social media channels, SEO and any marketing or promotional campaigns. Together they run the business and do the live draws from their modest rented flat (apartment) in Bedfordshire. 

The only thing that isn’t done in-house is the web hosting, which utilises industry grade secure data centres in London. As well as being one of the most secure facilities in the country, Gearshot UK’s hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy and is making a direct contribution to positive climate change by planting over 19,000 trees so far and working with leading environmental organisations.

“Our goal is to make dreams come true – and to be able to see our winners thrilled with the fantastic new gear they’ve won!”

We do things a bit differently to other sites in our industry because one of our main focuses is data privacy and data security (based on Lyall’s experience of working as an IT Manager for a multi-national business). For example, we don’t make lists of competition entrants publicly available to then be downloaded as a list of full names of people who are known to use a gambling site, to then be sold to marketing companies (which they could legally do because the gambling site made the details available publicly). We always assume that unless you tell us otherwise you do not want your details shared, so we don’t share them. Even if you win one of our prize draws we’ll never broadcast your full name, but you are welcome to identify yourself (for example by commenting) if you wish to do so. You can check our privacy policy for more information on that.

We always focus on the fair treatment of our customers, openness and honesty. We publish the randomisation methods used for picking winners and we will share any other requested information provided it doesn’t compromise the security or integrity of our systems or our customer data. We want everyone to be happy using our service, and if that’s not the case we will do anything we can reasonably do to fix that. We’re also happy to talk to you if you have any questions – just drop us a line.

How much do we make on each draw?

This gets speculated about a lot (especially by angry Redditors) but the answer is actually: surprisingly little. Take for example a high end guitar – the number of tickets multiplied by the ticket price would usually give us about £500 above the purchase price. Now take from that the 400 x payment processing fees (~£150) and 19% corporation tax. What’s left goes towards overheads (web hosting etc.) and funding the free giveaways on the site.

If after all that we do end up making a profit, we plan to donate that to charity. However, we can’t advertise on our website that we donate to charity yet because we haven’t made enough profit to make any donations yet, so in our opinion it would be unethical to do so. But that’s the plan!

When we say thank you for your support, we really mean it. Every single ticket sale helps us reach our goals and means we can keep the website running a bit longer. So thank you, it really does make a difference and we really do appreciate it!


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